What is MarketReady?

Recognizing a need in the marketplace for low-cost, high-impact corrections, we launched MarketReady – an Olson Group exclusive – in December 2018. This program provides zero-interest loans up to $15,000 to complete necessary repairs or system upgrades that have a proven positive impact on the sales price.

No matter how well kept, your home will require repairs prior to
listing. Sometimes these repairs are minor and easily handled by
you, sometimes the repairs are major, and we need to call in the

Working with our team of inspectors and stagers, the MarketReady Program loans can be used for:

  • Property clean-up
  • Curb appeal rehabilitation
  • Potential financing conditions
  • Staging
  • Pre-market inspections
  • Health and safety conditions
  • Microbial remediation
  • Hazardous and biological clean-up
  • Flooring cleaning or replacement
  • Roof repairs
  • Clearing WDO pre-market inspection conditions
  • Electrical work
  • Sewer line
  • Evaluations, and more.

Before and After MarketReady